Performance Forge

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Persistence is the keystone of success.  We define persistence as: a continuing effort to pursue something valued or desired, no matter the obstacles, outcomes, interference or treatment you endure along the way.

At Performance Forge, we persist to success.  No matter the odds or obstacles, we will pursue success for you.


Success has zero value unless you also have integrity.  We define Integrity as: a firm adherence to a code of moral and ethical values.

At Performance Forge, we honor our word, and our commitments.  We abide by the law and we tell only the truth… regardless of the ramifications.


We believe that acting in a fair manner means never taking unfair advantage of a person or situation.

At Performance Forge, we play within the rules, and we operate in a way that is free from bias and dishonesty.  We treat our customers and employees in a fair and straightforward manner, never taking unfair advantage of them.


Our success in life or business is only truly fulfilling when we share it with others.
At Performance Forge, we make it a habit of sharing our success with those who are less fortunate than us.