Performance Forge, Inc.

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Performance Forge, Inc. is proud to offer forged:
Upper and Lower Receivers
for the Defense Industry!

Repeatable, Dependable and Fast!


We have been manufacturing Uppers and Lowers, in aircraft grade aluminum, 7075-T6, for nearly a decade. We know what it takes to produce a blemish-free Receiver, and we have produced hundreds of thousands of them!

All of the Receivers we produce go through a rigorous visual inspection to ensure they meet our standards. Those that pass the inspection then spend a significant amount of time in our vibratory deburr tumbler, until they come out shiny and beautiful.

In addition to the standard .223 Upper and Lowers we offer, we also make a .308 Lower Receiver, and a .225 Lower Receiver with a Full-Trigger-Guard.

AR-10 Lower Receiver


Beyond the standard forging offerings, we produce a number of “proprietary” receivers off of tooling that have been specially designed per the customer’s specification. Several of those dies have transferred to us by the customer, just to get away from the forge facility they originally selected.



We are different from the rest. Give us a try and experience the difference!



Here are just some of the things we offer:

    • No Minimum Order Quantities

    • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum: 7075-T6

    • Typically in Stock, available for immediate delivery.

    • Excellent customer service!



Would you like us to blast your Receivers before you get them? We can handle that!

We have the best blasting equipment available and can gladly blast your receivers for you.