made in the USA

We are proud to be an American Company, serving other American Companies.
But it is not just our company that is American…All of our major equipment was Made In The USA, our raw materials are Made In The USA, and our people are proud Americans.

Our people, our machinery, our raw materials, and
our products.. your products.. all Made In The USA!

we believe in..


Success has zero value unless you also have integrity.

At Performance Forge, we honor our word, and our commitments, and we maintain the highest level of integrity in all of our actions and interactions.  We abide by the law and speak the truth, and nothing but the truth, in all communications, regardless of the ramifications.


Persistence is the keystone of success.  We define persistence as: a continuing effort to pursue something valued or desired, no matter the obstacles, outcomes, interference or treatment you endure along the way.

At Performance Forge, we persist to success.  No matter the odds or obstacles, the odds we are up against, and the number of times we fail,we will press on and pursue success for you.


We want the people who work at Performance Forge, to feel good about themselves and their work.  All of our conversations are free from demeaning, derogatory and disrespectful comments.

superior performance

We pursue all tasks with the idea that they can be accomplished in a superior fashion.  We will continually seek out ways to improve even our highest levels of performance.


We believe that acting in a fair manner means never taking unfair advantage of a person or situation.

At Performance Forge, we play within the rules, and we operate in a way that is free from bias and dishonesty.  We treat our customers and employees in a fair and straightforward manner, never taking unfair advantage of them.


Our success in life or business is only truly fulfilling when we share it with others.
At Performance Forge, we make it a habit of sharing our success with those who are less fortunate than us.


Performance Forged Products was founded in 1996 by Jim Gilliland.

getting to know wayne

Wayne’s Background, Racing Experience,
Entrepreneurship, and Beliefs.