Forge Presses

Our press line includes three mechanical presses, which allows us the flexibility to select the equipment most efficiently suited to the manufacturing of your specific forging needs. With press sizes ranging from 1,600 Tons up to 3,500 Tons, we can produce Aluminum Forgings ranging from 0.5 pounds to 100 pounds, and from 1.0 square inches in Plan-View-Area (PVA) to more than 300 square inches in PVA.

Through years of Lean Manufacturing focus, all of our forging presses offer quick die-change capability to keep costs down and offer you, our customer, the most cost efficient manufacturing process possible.


At Performance Forge, we have extensive experience forging a multitude of alloys. From the traditional to the exotic, we can handle it for you.

Here is a short list of the alloys that we have recently forged:

aluminum alloys

2014    2618    7049    7075    C002D    C905
2024    4032    7050    7175    C405      MMC
2219    6061    7055    7178    CR509

titanium alloys

Ti 6AL-4V